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BM-IES08 8 Port Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch
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8 adaptive 10/100M ports

DIN rail design, with 8 10/100M industrial Ethernet ports, and ports support automatic turning (Auto MDI/MDI-X). It supports full duplex and half duplex automatic negotiation, and all ports have the ability of full speed forwarding, which ensure no blocking message forwarding. Conform to the IEEE802.3/802.3U/802.3x storage and forward mode.

BM-IES08 Industrial Ethernet Switch

Industrial IoT application

It is mainly used in the fields of industrial Internet of things, to realize the interconnection between multiple motherboard servers, repeaters, hubs, terminals and multiple terminals, and building a strong communication link between field equipment and backbone network.

BM-IES08 Industrial Ethernet Switch

Ring network redundancy technology, self healing time < 20ms

The loop network redundancy technology improve the security, reliability and stability of the network, and ensure the undisturbed switching of network communication. The switching time is less than 20ms (network self healing time).

BM-IES08 Industrial Ethernet Switch

Industrial grade design, well tested in harsh environment

High strength corrugated shell, IP40 protection; Wide temperature, dust-proof and moisture proof design; Working temperature: -20~70℃, storage temperature: -40~85 ℃, humidity: 5~95% (unfreezing).

BM-IES08 Industrial Ethernet Switch

Reliable and stable work in the harsh electromagnetic environment

Through industrial four stage electromagnetic compatibility test, it has high protection performance in the fields of lightning protection, anti fast pulse group, anti static electricity and so on. It can effectively defend industrial interference, such as high voltage AC electric field, electrostatic field, arc, SCR and so on, and defend the natural disturbance: Lightning shock, various electrostatic discharge, magnetic storm and so on.

BM-IES08 Industrial Ethernet Switch

The average no failure operation of the equipment is more than 100,000 hours

The device MTBF (average no fault working time) reach 100,000 hours, which ensure the stability and reliability of the communication network and the ease of application in engineering.

BM-IES08 Industrial Ethernet Switch

Dual power supply

Dual DC power supply (9~36V) redundant input improve the reliability of power input and protect the industrial automation system. Power supply has reverse connection protection, overcurrent protection and built-in lightning protection circuit, which can greatly reduce the damage caused by lightning induction.

BM-IES08 Industrial Ethernet Switch


Baima Industrial Ethernet switch is a strong communication link between field equipment and backbone network, which is mainly used in wind power station networking, photovoltaic power station networking, intelligent traffic networking, etc.

BM-IES08 Industrial Ethernet Switch

Structural dimension

BM-IES08 Industrial Ethernet Switch

  • BM-IES08 8 Port Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch
    • Product: BM-IES08 8 Port Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch
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BM-IES08 8 Port Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch
BM-IES08 8 Port Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch
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