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BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem
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Transparent transmission + industry protocol transmission + custom private protocol transmission,  Baima BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem

Depth meet customer wireless communication needs

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA

Built in industry protocols: Modbus RTU protocol, Modbus TCP protocol etc.

According to industry agreements, through RS485 interface to collect front-end smart device data, including analog data, digital data, switching data, etc.

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA Modbus RTU protocol

Private protocols can be customized

On the basis of original transmission data, add the customer's own protocol package or conversion protocol.

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA Private protocols

Rich interfaces, convenient for all kinds of intelligent equipment connection

With I/O, ADC, RS232, RS485 and other interfaces to collect analog, digital or switch the data

and upload the data according to the protocol

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem

4G/3G/2.5G network coverage

Full coverage of worldwide operators with approved

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA 4G/3G/2.5G

Industrial design and application, stable operation under harsh environment

Thicker and durable metal shell

High standard EMC electromagnetic compatibility

All components are selected according to industrial standards, and cooperate with Freescale, NXP and other famous brands

High and low temperature (-35 to 75℃), wide voltage (5V-35V)

Standardize the production process and strict quality assurance system

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA Industrial design and application

Multi technology guarantee wireless connection "permanent online"

● Support software and hardware watchdog technology, equipment working status self-diagnostic, auto-recover from failure

● PPP layer heartbeat, ICMP detection, TCP keepalive and application layer heartbeat and other multi-level link detection mechanisms, and dropout reconnection

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA

Financial level data security

Support APN network of mobile operators

Support fixed IP address and domain name in DSC addressing mode

Support designated IP for mobile private network

Widely used in tax control, finance, public security and other data security requirements of the industries

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA secure data transmission

Data multi center synchronous transmission to achieve efficient management

Support dual data center backup transmission and multi data center synchronous transmission (5 data center),

convenient for local management, remote management departments at all levels, external cooperation unit data acquisition synchronization

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA synchronous transmission

Strong signal searching & receiving ability

Proprietary impedance matching circuit design to enhance signal searching capability of equipment.

With high gain and high quality antenna for higher signal receiving sensitivity

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA high gain and high quality antenna

Compatible with commercial power, solar power, battery power, ultra-low power consumption

Using multi-level sleep and wake-up mode, low power consumption, low standby power consumption, ultra-low sleep power (sleep power<8mA).

It is compatible with commercial power supply, solar power supply, battery power supply, ultra-low power consumption

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA ultra-low power consumption

Self locking card slot for long term use

Compatible with a variety of SIM cards, like USIM traffic card, APN special network card and IOT card

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA SIM cards

Equipment management tools for centralized monitoring

Configuration, upgrade and diagnosis of a large number of distributed modems

Greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the operator, system integrator, equipment providers and other parties

Support local configuration and upgrade, remote configuration and upgrade by TCP/IP

Support parameters configuration in SMS mode

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA management tools

Typical application

BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA Typical application


BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem for SCADA Structural dimension

  • BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem
    • Product: BMD200 M2M Cellular Modem
    • Brand:Baima
    • Serial port:1x RS-232/RS-485
    • Analog interface (optional):2x
    • I/O interface:3x
    • Communication Power consumption:<1W
    • Sleep power consumption:<0.1W
    • Power supply:DC 12V/0.5A
    • Voltage:DC 5V -- 35V
    • Working Temp:-35ºC -- 75ºC
    • Installation:Wall mounting
    • Dimensions (mm):91x58.5x22
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