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BMR420 Dual Sim Router
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Dual SIM design, active standby online

When an operator network has blind spots, fluctuations and interruptions, it can quickly switch
to the other operator network, and ensure stable and efficient communication.

Custom BMR420 Dual Sim Cellular Router WIFI Manufacturer

One master and one slave, dual wireless link intelligent switching

There are 5 working modes, use one SIM or two SIMs simultaneously.

1. SIM 1 work only

2. SIM 2 work only

3. SIM 1 priority, such as SIM 1 drop, intelligent switch to SIM 2, then switch to SIM 1 once SIM 1 recovery

4. SIM 2 priority, such as SIM 2 drop, intelligent switch to SIM 1, then switch to SIM 2 once SIM 2 recovery

5. Automatic switching: SIM 1 work until drop, SIM 2 online and work until drop, and switching to SIM 1

Custom BMR420 Dual Sim Cellular Router WIFI Manufacturer

Rich interfaces

Standard 4 x LANs, 1 x WAN

Support RS485, RS232 interface data transmission

According to the needs of the project, WAN port can set to LAN port, so BMR400 can easily expand to 5 x LANs

Custom BMR420 Dual Sim Cellular Router WIFI Manufacturer

Multi technology guarantee wireless connection "permanent online"

● Software and hardware watchdog technology, automatic monitoring the equipment working status, when M2M device is abnormal,
intelligent software or hardware power-off restart will wake up, the whole device reset, ensure normal operation of equipment in real time

● PPP layer heartbeat, ICMP detection, TCP keepalive and application layer heartbeat
and other multi-level link detection mechanisms, and support dropout reconnection

● 3G/4G network and broadband dial-up bidirectional backup,
to ensure the equipment permanent networking, the ideal choice of financial tax control networking

Custom BMR420 Dual Sim Cellular Router WIFI Manufacturer

M2M cloud platform

Centralized monitoring, configuration, upgrade and diagnosis of a large number of data terminal units distributed all over the country

Greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the operator, system integrator, equipment providers and other parties, improve the efficiency of management.

Custom BMR420 Dual Sim Cellular Router WIFI Manufacturer

Typical applications

Industrial Dual Sim Cellular Router, Widely used in high communication link stability demanding occasions, such as ATM, banking kiosk, smart bus station, etc.

Custom BMR420 Dual Sim Cellular Router WIFI Manufacturer


BMR420 Dual Sim Rouer Structural dimension

  • BMR420 Dual Sim Router
    • Product: BMR420 Dual Sim Router
    • Brand:Baima
    • VPN:Available
    • Serial port:x1 (RS232/RS485)
    • WiFi:IEEE802.11b/g/n
    • Communication Power consumption:<3.96W
    • Sleep power consumption:<0.24W
    • Power supply:DC 12V/1.5A
    • Voltage:DC 5V -- 35V
    • Working Temp:-35ºC -- 75ºC
    • Installation:Wall mounting
    • Dimensions (mm):168x104x27
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