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OEM/ODM Server

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Choose Baima OEM, Let your marginal cost be the lowest, and the marginal profit is the highest

Besides the production of its own brand products, Baima also provide OEM entrusted manufacturing services for the Internet of things for the customers. Specialized production resources and years of experience in the field of communication precipitation, for customers to create intelligent and reliable products at the best cost.

Modern production and quality assurance

International standard automatic production line, advanced SMT machine, reflow soldering machine, wave soldering machine, professional electronic detection equipment and aging equipment;
Advanced SMT patch production line, DIP welding production line, repair line, assembly and debugging line, etc;

In order to adapt to the development of lead-free technology, the factory equipped welding equipment can achieve lead-free welding, and the products are all up to the ROHS standard;
Daily production of SMT 180 million points, plug-in 250 thousand points, on-demand production, fast delivery

Strict quality management, high quality delivery

The factory is equipped with optical detector (AOI), flying needle and needle bar type testing instrument and other advanced quality control equipment;
With a large scale of well trained staff in production management;
Strict production process design;
Strict implementation of quality standards for finished products.

Integrated supply chain, cost optimal

PCBA processing solutions, procurement - production - test - aging - logistics one-stop service, let you get rid of the troubles in the production link, become your preferred PCBA processing partner.

Choose Baima ODM, quickly create strong product competitiveness.

You only need to focus on the development of the market, Baima will provide one-stop service from product development to after-sales,
with the use of hardware products and software platform S&D experience for many years in the field of wireless communication of IoT, supply chain advantages, and technical support.

Baima product manager, hardware engineer, software engineer, industrial designer, structural design engineer
and production support engineer will work together with customers to develop products with a deep match of market demand and build a powerful product competitiveness.

Custom service:

Brand ODM
Customer brand VI design

Hardware custom:
OEM function and interface

Software custom:
OEM software function and protocol

Structure custom
meet the needs of special dimensions

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